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All-Star Selection Overview

As a league, MELL strives to make sure that the regular season offers as much opportunity to play and experience baseball and softball as possible. MELL implements numerous local rules to make for a more enjoyable playing experience for ALL players. Our League has many different playing levels, each geared to accommodate players based on their age and ability of play. The All-Star Season is a separate season from the regular season. It is an opportunity for a significantly higher level of play within the regional Little League system and beyond. Players will have a significantly higher level of commitment, and will receive a higher-level instruction, and will compete against other All-Star teams. 

When it comes to All-Star teams, it is the intent of the MELL Board to field team(s) that will best represent our league in competition and character. All baseball and softball players need to have an opportunity to make the team regardless of popularity, school affiliation, parental influence, or manager prejudice. For those that are not selected for the team the details regarding their candidacy shall be held in the strictest of confidence and remain private. All selection decisions regarding All-Star teams need to be made with these ideals in mind. Several characteristics permeate our selection process for players and managers for the All-Star team. 

Players are evaluated on multiple criteria including the player’s performance, coachability, ability to compete, attitude, hustle, team spirit, team leadership, and overall character, integrity, and sportsmanship. The team is completed based on these criteria and on the needs of the All-Star Team (i.e., will there be an adequate number of catchers and pitchers as well as other key positions).

Confidentiality and Oversight

The process and meetings are facilitated by the MELL President, Player Agent, and VPs of Baseball/Softball. The selection results (number of votes, selection order, etc.) and manager deliberations about the prospective players are strictly confidential.

Player/Parent/Coach Commitment Requirement

Each interested player/parent and coach will submit their name for consideration by completing the All-Star Commitment Form. This document explains the commitment necessary to be a part of the All-Star Program. MELL is striving to field the most competitive All-Star team(s) possible and assure that it is composed of players and managers/coaches that represent the attitude and character we desire. MELL wishes to involve only parents, players, and coaches who are committed to the hard work and practice time that is required to participate at this level of competition. The player/parent and coach commitment to All-Stars must be a solid commitment. Tournament Players must bear in mind that their first commitment is to the MELL team before any other non-Little League team or to any other sports events during the All-Star Season. 

If a player is selected to one of the All-Star teams, they are required to attend all practices and games. Few exceptions will be granted and those are at the discretion of the coach. There will be practices nearly every day until the team is eliminated or the tournament concludes.  If a player is absent from practices for an unexcused reason, the team manager may remove that player from the team and request a replacement.

Number of Players

Each All-Star team representing MELL will consist of 12 players with a reserve roster of no more than 3 players. The All-Star Manager, with the MELL President and Player Agent approval, shall appoint a new player should the team need to replace a player due to injury, lack of commitment, ineligibility, or other unforeseen circumstance. Players league age 9-14 may be eligible for selection to multiple tournament teams. These players may only be selected to one tournament team at a time. Under no circumstances may these players be chosen for, practice with, or participate with more than one tournament team at a time. Only under circumstances listed in “Little League Regulation-Tournament Organization-Condition 3” may a player be selected to a second tournament team.


Regardless of waiver approval, any player who has indicated an interest in and signed the required commitment form for participation in an All-Star team(s), shall be placed on the ballot as a candidate. Every manager must solicit every player and corresponding parent on their team to identify those that are interested in having their name considered for the All-Star ballots. Every player that completes a commitment form will have their name placed on the ballots as eligible for the All-Star Team(s).

Preliminary Candidate Selection

Team Managers will nominate candidates that they feel deserve consideration for All-Stars. These candidates are put on a watch list, broken down by league age, midway through the season and coaches are asked to observe these candidates during the remainder of the season. The watch list can change up until All-Star selections. Each team’s manager and one assistant coach will then, individually and confidentially, take the watch list and ballot, and rank all candidates, broken down age. In the split league scenario, coaches will appropriately rank players based on their AL/NL affiliation and their age. The list will be confidential and will only be seen by the league President, Player Agents, VPs of Baseball/Softball and division coordinators. The division coordinators will meet with the President, Player Agents, and VP of Baseball/Softball to review and confirm the votes and determine the preliminary roster of players for all All-Star teams.

All-Star Manager Selection

Only managers and coaches in the regular season in the relevant division shall be eligible for selection (however managers are not limited to becoming managers and coaches are not limited to becoming coaches). Any regular season manager or coach may “manage down” and manage an All-Star team at a lower level but managers may not “manage up” into a higher division or age group. 

All relevant team managers and coaches shall be sent a form summarizing eligibility and expected time commitment. The form shall indicate whether the manager or coach wishes to be considered, and in what role. From the list of eligible candidates who wish to be considered, one team manager and one assistant coach from each team, Rookie Division and above, will vote for All-Star Managers for each team being fielded by MELL. Considerations will include previous coaching experience, including All-Star experience, character, and regular-season and playoff performance. Prior to this vote, the MELL Board may require interviews of prospective managers and coaches to clarify each person’s aptitude for their role.

Assistant Coach Selection

The All-Star Committee will select one assistant coach from the list of eligible coaches for each All-Star team. The All-Star Manager will then select one assistant coach from the list of eligible coaches. No more than three formal coaches shall be selected per team. Informal assistants are permitted, however those individuals must undergo an appropriate background check prior to working with players.

All-Star Roster Selection

Once a preliminary roster of players is developed and All-Star Managers are selected, the All-Star Committee will meet with selected Managers to finalize each All-Star team’s roster. This is a very important step in the selection process as MELL intends to field the most qualified and competitive team(s) for each division possible. In many cases, a child may be eligible for more than one All-Star team. The President and Player Agent, in coordination with the Division Coordinators will subsequently sort out the best candidates for the teams, balancing positions and needs to ensure the best team(s) configuration. The MELL President and Player Agent shall make the final decision to accept each All-Star team’s roster on behalf of the MELL Board, unless they feel that there is sufficient reason to call for a Board meeting to resolve an issue.


When deemed necessary, the MELL Board may call for tryouts to manage issues surrounding fielding the most competitive team.

Player Notification

Each All-Star Team manager is asked to notify all team members as promptly as possible. Managers of players not chosen will notify those players as soon as possible following the All-Star roster announcement. All-Star rosters are prohibited from being released prior to May 15th of the current season. Practices may not start until after May 15th.
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